Monday, April 22, 2019

Linkbidding directories lists links alphabetically or categorized and lets you bid your way to the top of the position. Both linking and advertising on quality sites that offer good search engine optimization. Link bidding directories site is the link directory that offers show link bidding sites, where a linkbidder webmaster can submit the details of their site, and choose how much he wishes to pay for a sponsored spot. The more the webmaster pays for the site listing, the more exposure the site will receive visibly to users and for search engines to spider. The top 10 highest bidders will appear on the homepage of these link bidding sites, and the highest bidder will have what is called a "sitewide" link where their site details will appear on the top of nearly every page for maximum exposure. This new method of advertising allows link bidders and webmasters to control their site's position even if others have submitted their sites first. Best of all the webmaster has the option to increase their site bids, at anytime after approved submission. This bid link directories are both automated and manually reviewed so site submissions appear instantly. You can visit some new link bidding sites and directories.
May 30, 2007
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